Pie Shop

An Aberdeen based Rock Band (formed in 2001) that Andy plays in regularly.  Check out their diary for dates and venues…


In 2002, ‘Pie Shop joined with another musican to form ‘Lovefist’ a fictional cartoon band who featured in Grand Theft Auto – vice city, a computer game that has sold in excess of 28 million copies worldwide, becoming the biggest selling computer game in the world.

This same line-up went on to form the tribute band ‘The Darkest’.  See Below!

The Darkest

The same members who recorded the tracks for ‘Lovefist’ also went on to form ‘The Darkest’, a tribute to rock outfit ‘The Darkness’.

They gathered boot leg videos and all the DVDs they could find and then took them apart and practised all the moves until they became ‘The Darkness’.

The Darkest’ decided from the start that they wanted to try to recreate the album sound. Even though ‘The Darkness’ have their roots firmly planted in rock they are far from a three chord rock band so to recreate their studio sound from the three part guitar harmonies to each drum fill took time and effort.
As well as selling out the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen, The Darkest went on to play many sell-out gigs, touring around the UK from as far North as the Shetland Isles to London in the South and in November 2004, performed in front of 2 members of the Darkness at The Mean Fiddler in London. This gig earned them VIP passes to the Darkness’s gig in Glasgow.

In Your Honour

In 2005 Andy and the members of Pie-Shop (along with one other member from fellow local rockers ‘Double Jack’) formed and toured Scotland with their own tribute to one of hisfavourite bands, the Foo Fighters.
Working on the same principle and approach that they adopted with The Darkest, the band had many successful gigs across the North playing their favourite tunes from the Foo’s first half a dozen albums. They enjoyed a 5 year spell together until they went their seperate ways in 2010